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The eleven Designosourcers, or Dino's for short

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A spontaneous gal with an extensive field of interest. Design, development, marketing, working out and eating a lot is what I live for. Front-end development is where I want to evolve the most, but that doesn’t take away my passion for illustrating and creating bad ass designs. Apart from that, I always seek to integrate my previous education in Marketing to go further the the extra mile and surpass the expectations in every work I deliver.

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My name is Stephanie, a graduate nurse that is very passionate about technology. This passion helped me take the leap for a career switch and become a developer and graphic designer. I am very motivated to find opportunities and help clients to provide them with modern, innovative websites!

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I’m a passionate creative designer and student-entrepreneur. I’ve been described as ambitious and hard-working by various clients and colleagues as a result of a good partnership. I strive to surpass expectations in every field of my work. In my free time, I love to meet new people that are open-minded and have similar interests. One of my favourite ways to spend time is by playing sports. I like to shoot hoops on the basketball court and also enjoy the freedom of the ski slopes.

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Web developer with a passion to become a web wizard with proficiency in backend technologies. I also love helping people and hopefully, this will one day manifest itself into a leading position or possibly a teaching position at a college.

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Hello! I am Brian, a junior full stack web developer with the ambition to lead and coordinate development projects. I would like to define myself by my values:

Hybrid: two main disciplines, creative developer & empathic marketer.
Maverick: rejecting conformity & daring to be different.
In motion: constantly seeking innovation in a changing world.
Bold: rebellious dreamer with an audacious mindset.

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Like many, I am a hybrid. Combining my knowledge as a communication graduate with my coding journey. As a short track student, I am quite familiar with a challenge and don't shy away from lifting my work to a higher level. Ordinary doesn't exist in my dictionary. The crazier, the better. In my free time you can find me engulfed in a good book or a fantasy/sci-fi series.

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I’m a digital mixed breed, developing websites while keeping a clean User Interface. I seek opportunities to broaden my knowledge and skill in both the pixel and binary world, like learning about motion design and illustrating, but also like learning all sorts of new programming languages, libraries and frameworks. When I’m not manipulating pixels, ones and zeroes, you can find me blowing bubbles while scuba diving, exploring the earth or gazing at the stars.

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Consistent quality is key in every one of my projects. Just making something good enough isn't how I work and choosing the easy way out isn't a habit of mine. That's why you'll often find me chipping away at a new idea late at night with a cup of tea while my cat keeps me company. I do this while listening to smooth lofi beats to keep the creative juices flowing. Of course, I also have a couple hobbies like most people do. Outside of school, I enjoy. Those include analog photography and going to the movies.

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Hi! My name is Nathalie and I’m a digital creative. I have a passion for design and especially for UI/UX design. It’s my goal to translate all the requirements and wishes into an attractive and user-friendly design. In my spare time, I try to perfect my creativity and design processes. Besides designing I like to play padel and football. In the winter you can find me on the ski slopes.

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A fiery passion to solve problems when I have to and relax afterwards by sketching a bit is what I live for. Always able to bring some light to even the most tense situations while keeping a healthy work ethic to keep the flow going, mainly through the use of candy and snacks.

Back-end development is where I strive and something I like to do the most, which doesn’t mean I back away easily from different kinds of challenges

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My name is Nick! I am a creative guy who loves brainstorming about anything and everything. No idea is too crazy for me. After inventing awesome concepts I put all my energy and effort into making them a reality. Designing, coding, testing, … I do it all!

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