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Explanation project

In early September, designosource was asked by Manestarters, a local organisation that helps young entrepreneurs when starting their business, to create a new website. On the website our client wanted to feature information about their services, testimonials of their success, stories and upcoming events. Manestarters is an organisation that has been around for a while, but didn’t yet have a website of their own.


For this project, we had to create a brand new design for the website as well as extra branding elements. To develop the website we decided to work with Wordpress, as our client wanted to be able to adapt content later on.

An astonishing web design

Starting out the design team assembled all available design elements to get a good overview of which elements our client still had to create and which they could reuse on the website. The next step included the creation of a flowchart and the start of the low-fidelity wireframes. When we had confirmation from our client we started our last design phase: making mockups. Here we included images, fonts and colours to give a real life representation of the website. After checking and rechecking with our client, the development team got the go ahead.

picture of manestarters website

A manageable website using Wordpress

As we wanted our client to have an original website, we decided to work with the Elementor page builder to create custom blocks. This was an easy way to set up the basic layout just by dragging and dropping. Once the block building phase was done, we added our own custom styling as well as a custom made plugin. We stepped out of our comfort zone with this one and had a lot of fun diving into the code. The final result? A good looking, modern website of which the content is easily manageable.

Wordpress workshop

To make sure our client is able to work with Wordpress, we gave them a workshop on how to use Wordpress as a backend system so they will be able to create and edit their own pages as well as adding blog/event content of their own. We have also created a customised video course about managing a Wordpress website so our client can consult them in the future.

Quote/review from Manestarters

“We are very happy with the result and with the process leading up to this result. When I think back to the briefing a few months ago then I think I can say that the team has managed to meet (almost all) our needs.”

Sarah Van Eynde


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picture of manestarters website
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