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Designosource was commissioned by eXtend (the research branch of the media department of Thomas More University) to build a virtual environment dedicated to De Warmste Week.
We created a virtual environment to be used as a background for a music set by DJ Yolotanker.

Quote/review from eXtend

"Brilliant first virtual production with the crazy @dj_yolotanker. Big thank you to this great team and the lovely people of @designosource

Tom Verstappen


For this project, we went a bit out of our comfort zone because at the core we are a web- and branding agency. Our first task was to learn how to work with the Unreal Engine. Later, we sat together with DJ Yolotanker to get the exact instructions about how he wanted his world to look. For him, it was important that the world was completely nuts. By adding unusual 3D elements like animals, rainbows and dancing Teletubbies we developed a virtual World that was fitting to his outlandish brand. Once this Unreal project was finished, eXtend prepared the set for the recording.

Thanks to a green screen, the real set of DJ Yolotanker could be incorporated in the virtual world we created. When the camera’s perspective changed, so did the virtual world, making it seem like the DJ was standing in that world. After rigorous testing of the cameras and the virtual world, DJ Yolotanker came to play his set. He loved this twisted and crazy project! eXtend was very satisfied with the partnership and the result.


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picture of extend website
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