How we get sh*t done

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Spot-on by design

We don't just go for the achievement of expectations. We go one step further. At Designosource we have a strong feedback culture. Constant internal feedback is our norm. It brings us to refined, spot-on results.

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A hybrid approach

Our team stands for flexibility and versatility. Even though every dino has their specialization, we are all trained as hybrid profiles with strong knowledge of visual design and software development.

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Blazing a trail

Our flaming passion for the profession brings this generation together and ensures an energetic group dynamic. Our ambition is blazing a trail for other generations to follow.

Gen 11

Run by dinos

Designosource is a web agency supported by the Bachelor Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More Mechelen. This year’s generation 11 consists of eleven students - also referred to as dinosaurs - and five mentors, whom each have their own field of expertise.

The things we do

Brand strategy

Research and insights

Brand design

Digital strategy

Web development

Illustration language

UX/UI design

App development

Editorial design

Social media

Let's hatch

old designosource eggs designs old designosource eggs designs

Designosource has been stuck with the egg as a logo for a decade. We thought it was about time to do something crazy. Time to hatch and gone with the egg! We're going crazy by becoming dinos.

Raaawrrr! old designosource eggs designs old designosource eggs designs
two dinosaurs

Yeah we hatched, now let's meet the dino's, shall we?

the team

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